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Delta’s Motion Control System Builds High-speed, High-precision Material Dosing Solution for the Food Industry

As the global population continues to grow, food manufacturing has become one of our most essential technologies, turning raw food materials into processed groceries for better storage and distribution. However, traditional food processing relies heavily on manual processing. Food manufacturers constantly face challenges such as long processing times due to human error, contaminated materials, inflexible production lines, high labor costs, and others. With these issues, traditional lines can no longer meet the needs of fast, high-quality, and small-volume / large-variety order manufacturing. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers are starting to implement more automation equipment, which helps reduce materials and labor costs and enhances production efficiency, flexibility, and quality.

To meet the needs and create maximum benefits for food manufacturing, Delta recently provided a stable, high-precision, and high-efficiency Food Material Dosing Solution to a European manufacturer. For measuring and distributing set quantities of powdered, oil, and liquid materials, the food dosing processes in our customer’s plant include sauce feeding, jar inspection, set quantity dosing, and unloading. The operation begins with AC motor drives propelling motors and conveyors to carry empty jars under a squeezer. Using PLC programming, the squeezer precisely doses set quantities of sauce into jars at a set timing, completing the sauce dosing operation. The solution successfully helps our customer achieve high-performance automatic manufacturing for food material dosing that prevents human error and enhances overall processing efficiency and quality.

Delta’s Food Material Dosing Solution adopts the Delta Network Type Advanced Slim PLC DVP-SE Series, which supports RS-485 and Ethernet/IP communications for fast data exchange and transmission. The DVP-SE Series effectively controls each device with system programming that performs automatic material dosing in set amounts and times to replace laborers and solve related contamination problems. In addition, by applying the Human Machine Interface DOP Series, the solution provides a high-resolution display for operators to effectively monitor processes and adjust data in real-time to ensure outstanding and consistent processing quality. In actual applications, Delta’s Food Material Dosing Solution provides the following benefits to our customers:

High-end motion control system for high-quality manufacturing:
Delta’s Food Material Dosing Solution applies the Network Type Advanced Slim PLC DVP-SE Series, which features a 32-bit CPU (max. 0.64 μs for basic commands) and provides a 4-point high-speed pulse output and 8-point pulse input. With its dual-axis synchronous function, the DVP-SE Series stably controls the Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive VFD-EL Series, motors, and conveyors to carry empty jars and ensure the consistent dosing of sauce amount for high-quality food processing. In addition, the DVP-SE Series supports both left-side and right-side module installations, providing for more flexible production extension and changeover.

Real-time operation monitoring enhances production quality:
The solution adopts the Human Machine Interface DOP Series that supports standard serial communications (the RS232/RS485/RS422) for fast connection with all of Delta’s industrial automation products and up to 30 different brands of PLCs. The DOP Series presents the real-time status and data of each device, allowing users to adjust manufacturing processes in real-time and enhancing production quality for the food industry. In addition, the series is equipped with a 65,536-color display panel and LED backlights, which provide energy-efficient lighting made without mercury to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

Delta’s highly automated products offer a complete and professional processing solution for the food industry:
The solution utilizes Delta's automation products to set up a food processing system that creates advantages such as stability, efficiency, and precision. The solution helps our customers reduce the costs of the control cabinet and provide better processing performance than the original mechanism for a professional, reliable, and industry-leading application.

Delta’s Food Material Dosing Solution provides a stable, highly efficient, and high-precision food sauce dosing machine with a high-end motion control system and a human machine interface for our customer. Our solution not only brings advantages such as reducing labor and material costs, and solving issues such as contamination and human error, but also optimizes processing quality and efficiency. Delta continues to provide complete solutions for all types of applications to enhance competitiveness and ensure a brighter future together with our customers.

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