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Delta and Rubicon Partner to Create Swift and Relaxing EV Charging Experience at Thanda Tau

According to JD Power, a research firm monitoring consumer sentiment, Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers consistently express dissatisfaction with the speed of public charging and the availability of activities and facilities. Therefore, many premium automotive brands are now identifying sites where EV-driving customers can enjoy an optimised charging experience. Typically, those sites are capable of housing multiple EV chargers, while also offering the comfort and convenience of coffee shops, restaurants and stores to visit while their vehicle charges. This provides both charging peace-of-mind for drivers and creates additional commercial opportunities for charging operators.

One example of a venue delivering a positive EV charging experience is Thanda Tau Leisure & Tourism Centre in South Africa. Renowned for its wildlife, premium accommodation, family-friendly facilities, shops, wood-fired pizza, extensive wine cellar, in-house brewery and a captivating art gallery, it is nestled on the N3 National Highway. This is a popular route for long-distance travellers between Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa.

With more EVs travelling along the N3, Thanda Tau’s facilities and location made it an ideal site for the rollout of EV charging stations to accommodate the growing number of EV drivers. Audi SA, in partnership with Rubicon, an expert provider of Solar & BESS, E-Mobility Infrastructure, Lighting and Power Quality solutions, selected the Delta SLIM100 charger to meet the current and future charging requirements of EV drivers in South Africa.

Developed to address the charging needs of next generation EVs, Delta’s SLIM 100 offers a maximum power output of 100 kW and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. It provides simultaneous charging of up to three vehicles and offers the convenience of both DC and AC charging. With its ability to provide 100 kW of power in one cabinet, it is an ideal solution for space critical applications, as its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power. This makes it well-suited to commercial applications, parking lots, service stations and urban traffic hubs where installation space can be limited, aligning perfectly with the parking facilities at Thanda Tau.

Hilton Musk, E-mobility Project Manager at Rubicon, said, "The charging station at Thanda Tau has proven to be one of the best locations in our network. It experiences a high utilisation rate because it is strategically positioned on a key national route. Its orientation supports usage not only by private EV drivers but also by other forms of transport, such as electric trucks and buses for logistics and public transport.”

“Charging an EV should be a quick and enjoyable process, and Thanda Tau delivers just that,” added Arto Suni, Head of Sales and Marketing, e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development, Delta EMEA. “At Thanda Tau, technology and tradition merge to create an ideal location for EV drivers to charge their vehicles while they relax and refresh ahead of the next leg of their journey. Delta’s SLIM100 meets the requirements of both EV drivers and Thanda Tau, by supporting the simultaneous charging needs of multiple vehicles – from private vehicles to trucks and buses for logistics and public transport – drivers and passengers needn’t be delayed. Meanwhile, its compact design ensures that Thanda Tau can offer such a practical EV charging solution without compromising its real estate or any other onsite facilities. Rubicon is the ideal partner to help build the EV charging infrastructure across South Africa, given their in-depth knowledge of the EV market and landscape, charging technology and the needs of EV drivers.”

News Source:Delta EMEA