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Smarter E 2024

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FROM 19 TO 21 June 2024
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Solar Solution


EV Charging Solution


Energy Storage Solution

What You Will Discover

PV Solutions

Explore Delta's range of advanced, reliable inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale use. Offering high efficiency and seamless integration with renewable energy sources, Delta leads with innovation and sustainability in power conversion solutions globally.


Energy Storage Solutions

Explore Delta's Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with state-of-the-art tech for efficient load management, power dispatch, and renewable energy integration. Our bi-directional systems, integrating power conditioning, batteries, controllers, and energy management, deliver robust solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility needs.


EV Charging Solutions

Discover Delta's versatile EV charging solutions, designed with advanced tech for home and highway. Whether at home, on the road, for business, fleet management, or long trips, our tailored solutions keep you charged and on the move.


Product Highlights
M225HV / M350 HV solar inverter
Delta's latest 225kW / 350kW inverters feature 8 / 12 MPP trackers each, offering unmatched flexibility for PV system design with an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range. Designed for simplicity, they support voltages up to 1500 VDC and 800 VAC, ensuring compatibility across various installations.
UFC 500 kW
Delta's UFC 500KW charging station redefines standards with its exceptional power-to-footprint ratio. Delivering unmatched convenience, it charges one heavy-duty vehicle with a large battery capacity at 460 kW within 2 hours, enabling a full day of operation. In public charging, it can simultaneously charge 2 modern EVs at up to 250 kW each.
Energy Storage Skid Solution
Delta’s modular and integrated energy storage solution can operate at 100-200 kW / 2.5-8 hrs or 125-250 / 2-6 hrs by leveraging LFP battery solutions. It can be configured according to current needs while reserving flexibility for future expansion.
Delta’s PCS1500 is a bi-directional energy storage inverter for grid applications like power backup and PV self-consumption. Ranging from 1000 to 1750 kVA, it offers peak efficiency of 98.4%, high availability, and adaptable control of energy storage systems, regardless of battery technology.
Containerized LFP Battery System
Delta's containerized LFP battery system is ideal for grid-scale and large industrial energy storage. Housed in a standard 10ft shipping container, it offers unique designs and simple installation for rapid deployment.
DeltaGrid® EVM
DeltaGrid® EVM elevates EV charging by integrating energy storage and renewables like solar. This reduces operational costs through peak shaving, self-consumption optimization, load shifting, and more, while improving a site's carbon footprint.
Our Solutions

Utility Solution

Maximize your solar revenue with Delta's Energy Storage Solutions! Delta's Energy Storage Solution can control and dispatch power to the grid, relieving pressure on the power grid caused by imbalances in supply and demand and unexpected events, thus improving the reliability and stability of the power supply.


Commercial and Industrial Solution

Delta's Smart Energy Infrastructure Solution is primed for the future, optimizing both CAPEX and the grid. By seamlessly integrating EV charging, PV systems, energy storage, and energy management, it ensures optimal energy utilization in a streamlined and future-ready approach.

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