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Delta to Present Innovative Power Solutions for AI Server and Data Center Infrastructure at 2024 OCP Regional Summit in Portugal

Delta, a global leader in power management and provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, announced its participation in 2024 OCP Regional Summit to showcase its latest Open Rack Version 3 (ORV3) 1 OU 18 kW Power Shelf and the next-gen HPR 33kW Power Shelf, both featuring remarkable efficiency as high as 97.5 percent. The power shelves can also be integrated with a power management controller (PMC), which highlights a Power over Ethernet (PoE) function up to 1 GbE rate, making them ideally suited for hyper-scale data centers in the era of AI.

Franziskus Gehle, General Manager of Custom Design Power Business Unit (CDBU), Delta Electronics EMEA region, said, “Delta’s global leading position in high-efficiency power supplies offers a great opportunity to closely cooperate with key players in the data center industry, and therefore, we are able to foresee and deliver on the evolving needs of our customers. Our ORV3 standard 18kW and HPR 33kW power shelves demonstrate Delta’s early involvement in the burgeoning AI data center domain, which rely on centralized power shelves. These robust solutions cater to fulfilling the advanced computing requirements of diverse AI applications.”

The ORV3 conforming HPR 33kW Power Shelf contains six hot-swappable 5.5 kW power supply units, accommodating single or dual AC input and delivering a maximum power output of 33kW or 27.5kW with 5+1 redundancy. Much like its first-generation counterpart, the ORV3 18kW Power Shelf, the HPR Power Shelf provides a 50V/48V output and embraces the widespread adoption of a higher-voltage power distribution architecture. This design minimizes conduction losses and provides better thermal performance, achieving efficiency levels of up to 97.5 percent. Additionally, each power supply unit has a 150% load capability for 20 milliseconds to protect against sudden current increases.

Leveraging Delta’s 50+ years of expertise in developing a broad variety of high-efficiency power management solutions, the showcased power shelves offer unparalleled scalability. Both the power shelf and PMC can be tailored in terms of hardware and firmware to meet client demands. This includes adding the PoE feature into the PMC, supporting up to 1GbE Ethernet along with other optional features such as PMBus over I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Communication Protocol and RS485. These enhancements enable seamless connectivity to a management platform via a laptop, where it facilitates high-speed layout, simulation, parasitic extraction, and circuit simulation, ensuring robust management and optimization of rectifier parameters. Another notable improvement involves relocating the DC Output Connector to accommodate rack power outputs exceeding 300kW.  

Delta welcomes visitors to the Delta booth at #A6 during 2024 OCP Regional Summit from 24-25 April, and find out more about Delta’s data center solutions.

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