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Delta Delivers Digital I/O Remote Module with Integrated Output Relays for EtherCAT Networks

32 digital optocoupler inputs and 32 dry contact relay outputs offer easy integration with Delta and third-party EtherCAT masters

Delta announces the launch of its R2-EC0902D0 32 digital input/output remote module. Featuring 32 integrated relays on the output, supporting 2 A at 30 VDC/ 250 VAC per channel, and 32 24 VDC digital inputs, the unit greatly simplifies the implementation of digital I/O on EtherCAT networks. The high level of integration reduces system costs by eliminating the need for a separate coupler, digital input/output modules, and external relays.
High level of integration for EtherCAT applications
EtherCAT is predicted to grow above 7% CAGR[1] in the coming years, supporting the view that continued innovation around this technology is needed. While advanced automation capabilities are well covered, more straightforward capabilities, such as hardware integrating EtherCAT for digital I/O, are not as refined. Instead, system integrators have relied on couplers, digital input and output modules, and external relays. The R2-EC0902D0 DI/DO mixed remote module removes this complexity and associated cost, integrating digital I/O into a single, EtherCAT-capable unit.
The R2-EC0902D0 features an input and output EtherCAT port, allowing for daisy-chaining. At the front of the 120 mm wide DIN-rail unit, power, communication, and alarm indicators are set into the housing for good visibility. Indicators for each of the 32 inputs and outputs are located in the center of the face plate. All the optical coupler inputs are grouped on one side, with the digital outputs placed on the other. The 32 digital outputs are implemented using normally-open dry contact relays. These operate at up to 1 Hz and have an off/on response time of 10 ms, and on/off response time of 5 ms. On the input side, PNP/NPN configurable sink/source signals of up to 1 kHz can be acquired with a response time of 300 µs.
“The R2-EC0902D0 DI/DO mixed remote module supports the EtherCAT protocol to enable a fast I/O response. The large number of integrated digital inputs and relay-type outputs makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from the packaging industry and woodworking to assembly lines,” said Simone Orlandi, Product Manager - Motion Control, Delta Electronics EMEA region.

Third-party support for EtherCAT masters
The R2-EC0902D0 is ideal for industrial automation engineers looking for a digital I/O solution with a large number of channels that also supports EtherCAT. Compliant with EN 60068-2-6 for vibration and EN60068-2-27/29 for shock resistance, this IP 20-rated unit can operate over 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F). It requires a 24 V/1 A external power supply and is compatible with all Delta and third-party EtherCAT controllers.

Delta’s R2-EC0902D0 32 digital input/output remote module is now available in the EMEA market. For more information, please refer to


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