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Delta Launches VTScada Software with Outstanding Redundancy for Automation and Critical Infrastructure

Delta has announced the immediate availability of its VTScada software in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This advanced SCADA software package is made by Trihedral, a Delta Group Company since 2020. Together with Delta automation solutions, VTScada allows manufacturers to implement redundant and complex infrastructures in many industries. With over 100 drivers already integrated, operators gain fast and direct access to the control environment. The solution is also designed to greatly simplify development.
“At Delta, we’re pursuing growth across all industrial domains,” said Delta Product Manager Nick Sobols. “Boosting our process automation portfolio with VTScada is a purposeful step in that direction. This award-winning software gives our customers capabilities they won’t find anywhere else. Going forward, you can count on us leveraging more synergies with existing and past Delta products.”
VTScada was designed to allow developers to create rock-solid applications of any size. Users can monitor anything from hundreds to millions of inputs and outputs from appealing, custom-designed screens. All core SCADA features are possible including alarms and notifications, trend reports, mapping, reporting, mobile connectivity, version control, graphic development, security, and enterprise connectivity. Users can connect to practically any combination of Delta or other hardware, providing a high degree of flexibility. The unmatched redundancy possible with VTScada enables reliability suitable for any type of process automation as well as critical applications such as water treatment, mining, minerals, metal, energy infrastructure, and facilities management. System-wide redundancy features include server failover, load sharing, redundant networks, and synchronized historians and alarm databases. The built-in VTScada Historian database comes at no additional cost. 
Optional components include remote access and alarm notifications. The notifications allow users to view and acknowledge alarms from anywhere via SMS text messages, email, and text-to-voice phone calls. Contact rosters for specific areas, times, and dates are possible. The remote access feature runs through an internet-server-enabled VTScada application that communicates with the VTScada Anywhere Client, VTScada Internet Client for PCs, and the VTScada Mobile Internet Client (MIC). While the VTScada Anywhere Client delivers a secure, browser-based workstation experience on any device including Windows PCs, phones, and Macs, the VTScada Internet Client offers an interface identical to a full VTScada license for PCs and laptops. The VTScada Mobile Internet Client is ideal for small screens and data plans, e.g. smartphones and tablets, allowing users to securely manage alarms, check equipment status, plot trends, and issue control commands with a touch or a pinch. In other words, there is a user-friendly thin client solution for basically any imaginable device and use case. 
Ad-hoc or scheduled reports are included as standard in addition to a continuous real-time historical data viewer. The VTScada Idea Studio provides a familiar drag-and-drop interface for screen development with over 200 widgets and more than 4000 graphics and 3D pipes included to assist in designing custom screens. Centralized account management, encryption, card reader support, and OpenID Connect
® ensure airtight application security.
Developed as an open architecture that enables far-reaching integrations across devices, VTScada is based on a C++ engine with good cross-platform compatibility. The architecture’s OEM layer simplifies project development and OEM business development.  More information on VTScada is available at


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