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Delta Unveils IPack65 Compact Outdoor Rectifier System for Powering 5G Cell Sites

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, is introducing its new IPack65, a compact outdoor rectifier system, under Eltek, a brand of Delta. With its dustproof and waterproof design, the system achieves the IP65 protection level. Boasting an impressive 97.7% efficiency, this modular, versatile solution is tailored to power telecommunications systems. Its compact form factor ensures seamless, easy deployment and integration into intelligently controlled networks and cloud environments. With exceptional application flexibility, the IPack65 proves especially adept in 5G antenna power supply and other applications ranging from 2-8kW.

Andreas Grewing, Vice President, Telecom Power Solutions at Delta Electronics’ EMEA region, explains, “The roll-out of 5G has significantly increased the amount of radio equipment in the telecom network. The newly launched IPack65 addresses the intensified power demands near antennas with its purpose-built outdoor rectifier system. It is not just a power solution; it's a strategic response to the evolving demands of next-generation telecom networks.”

An ideal solution for 5G outdoor antenna systems

Tailored to meet the power demands of 5G technology and beyond, IPack65 offers a flexible and efficient power supply for wide-area communication networks. This cost-efficient, compact rectifier, designed for easy installation, ensures a reliable voltage supply for telecommunications equipment. The system, featuring two modules with 2 kW each, can be seamlessly extended to a maximum output of 48 V and 8 kW, thanks to its modular design allowing up to four modules to connect at different positions. Dustproof and waterproof to the IP65 standard, IPack65 is purpose-built for outdoor use, with low operational costs attributed to its impressive 97.7% efficiency and convection cooling, eliminating the need for fans or filters and minimizing regular maintenances. The absence of active cooling not only lowers the system’s PUE but also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint. Equipped with the Smartpack S smart controller, IPack65 supports integration with cloud-based intelligent networks, providing quick insights and enabling remote maintenance for efficient configurations enhancement.

Flexibility for adaptation

In addition to its compact design and sturdy certified case, IPack65 offers a suite of adaptable features catering to custom specifications. Supporting a wide range of input voltages (85–275 VAC or 85–410 VDC) and compatible with either 400 VDC or AC, it provides versatile deployment options. The system includes a backup feature with IP65-rated batteries and an external type T2 outdoor cabinet equipped with lithium-ion batteries, ensuring operational continuity in case of a power supply failure. Ideal for tower installations powered by an uninterrupted 400 VDC feed, IPack65’s lightweight cover enhances its suitability. Noteworthy features also include a surge protective device (SPD), two breakers for battery distribution, and 15 breakers for load distribution which can be customized. Easy wiring is facilitated by an input terminal and cable tie bar, while an LED indicator visible from below provides clear system status information for on-site service staff.

IPack65 is available to the global market starting from November 29th 2023. For more information, please refer to:

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