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Delta to Demonstrate CODESYS-based Motion Controllers and Other High-performance Automation Products at SPS Italia

Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions, will present its portfolio of high-performance industrial automation systems at the 2022 SPS Italia to reflect the market need for smart manufacturing and production. These include the AX series motion controllers based on the CODESYS development environment, the new ASDA-B3 series servo systems, and the DVP50MC PLC motion controller.
“Automation and digitalization play important roles in smart manufacturing,” says Luca Cavagnari, Italy Head of Sales at Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group. “We cooperate with the CODESYS® group to utilize our motion control development system and offer a brand new motion control solution based on CODESYS, to help our customers take full advantage of smart manufacturing.”
CODESYS-based AX Series Motion Controllers
The PLC-based AX-3 series and PC-based AX-8 series utilise the CODESYS development environment, thus supporting the industry standards for industrial automation solutions. This simplifies programming and integration with software, and ensures faster implementation. In addition, the motion controllers support common industrial communication protocols, including EtherCAT. Depending on the selected model, the products in each series can control up to 64 axes. Delta’s motion controllers are suited for a range of different applications in many distinct sectors.
ASDA-B3 Series – High-performance Servo System
With its response sensitivity of 3.1 kHz, low cogging torque, a maximum rated speed of 6,000 rpm, increased torque and a Safe Torque Off (STO) function, the new ASDA-B3 high-performance servo drive combines performance optimisations with improved safety. In addition, the 40 percent faster settling time in the newest model brings a significant increase in productivity. The 24-bit encoder in the ASDA-B3 ensures highly accurate positioning by retaining the motor’s position even when the drive is powered off. The ASDA-B3 is suitable for a range of applications including manufacturing tools, electronics, semi-conductors, industrial robots, printing, packaging, textiles and warehousing.
DVP50MC – Compact PLC Motion Controller
The multi-axis motion controllers of the DVP50MC series support the EtherCAT protocol for controlling up to 24 axes. The DVP50MC complies with the PLCOpen standard and is not only capable of simple motion control commands such as speed, torque, reference path and position, but also handles multi-axis motion control instructions for electronic gear, ECAM, Rotary Cut as well as G-Code. On-board ethernet and modbus network interfaces reduce additional integration costs and support a broad range of applications, such as in manufacturing tools, beverage injection machines, printers and electronics production.
The Delta booth at SPS
Delta is looking forward to welcoming SPS attendees at booth A022 in Hall 5 from 24 to 26 May at Fiere di Parma, Italy, to learn more about Delta’s smart and digital automation solutions. For more information, please visit

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