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Delta to Showcase its High Efficiency FLEX Series Three-phase String Inverters at Energaia 2022

Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, will be present at Energaia 2022 hosted in Montpellier, France, from 7-8 December. Delta will showcase the Flex Series string inverters, which are suitable for commercial and industrial rooftop PV installations. Flex Series highlights include its compact design with a large front door, a uniform mounting plate and integrated type 2 surge arresters on both sides. The inverters are easy to combine, while setup and system monitoring and management are conducted via the internet through the MyDeltaSolar Cloud service.

Commenting on its presence at Energaia 2022, Andreas Hoischen, Senior Director, Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit, Delta EMEA, said: “In line with the REPowerEU policy to provide affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe, Delta offers a wide range of solar inverters from residential, commercial to large scale to provide customers with a wide choice, in order to fulfil their needs. Our inverters combine compact design with high power density, and are easy to transport and install.”

M15A/M20A/M30A Flex – for low-noise required applications
Delta’s popular M15A, M20A and M30A Flex follow the same design concept of the bigger Flex series, bringing high compatibility to many environments. This makes the inverters suitable for residential and small commercial PV systems, as they feature AC connectors for easy and safe connecting, 2 or 3 MPP trackers for 2 DC strings each, an integrated Wi-Fi for monitoring via a WLAN router, plus arc fault detection for maximum safety. They are ideally suited to residential and other noise-sensitive locations, as prescribed in the Buildings Decree for residential, childcare and educational functions.

M50A / M70A / M100A Flex - for demanding, large rooftop systems
Ideally suited to large rooftop PV plants, the M50A, M70A and M100A Flex support both wall and ground mounting. This provides the flexibility required for diverse application environments. They also include arc fault detection, AC/DC Surge Protection Devices Type 2 (DC optional type 1+2), anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation), reverse polarity protection and string monitoring with rapid I-V curve data output. Other system-owner-friendly features include the renewed DeltaSolar APP 2.0 monitoring for iOS and Android smartphones.

Device communication and system monitoring
The most convenient way to monitor the system is via the MyDeltaSolar Cloud. Delta inverters with integrated Wi-Fi connect directly to the Cloud via the router. For all other inverters, larger plants or for more functions, Delta offers the DC1 data collector. As a central data interface with integrated Wi-Fi, RS485 and Ethernet, the DC1 transmits information from the inverters in data packets to the MyDeltaSolar Cloud. Various expansion modules for the DC1 are available, such as the power meters P1 (single-phase) and P3 (three-phase). Plant operators can use them to measure and visualise energy flows in both directions.

Visit Delta at Hall B2, Booth B16
To see the full range of Delta’s solar solutions, please visit Delta’s booth at Hall B2, booth B16 at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre, from 7-8 December. More information regarding the full range of Delta’s solar products, is available at

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