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Delta’s Energy-Efficient Power and Thermal Management Solutions Take Centre Stage at Electronica 2022

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, will be at Electronica 2022, the world's leading trade fair and conference for electronics, to demonstrate its wide portfolio of innovative and energy-efficient power and thermal management solutions. The offering includes Delta’s 1U power shelf for telecom and data center applications, which features the new 80 PLUS Titanium Gallium Nitrate (GaN) Configurable Power Supply with energy efficiency over 96%. Innovative wireless charging solutions developed by Delta, such as the MOOVair wireless charging system for industrial automated guided vehicles (AGV) and the in-vehicle wireless charging for mobile devices will also be key highlights at the show.

Commenting on its presence at Electronica, Sean Tan, Vice President of Power Electronics, Delta Electronics EMEA Region, said: “Against the backdrop of the global energy and environmental crisis, there is a heightened awareness of the need to conserve energy and to use it more efficiently. Electronica presents an ideal platform for Delta to demonstrate how its energy-efficient solutions support a more sustainable future. Our team of experts present at Electronica looks forward to talking to customers about the most effective way to address their challenges.”

Telecom and Data Center Solutions
IT equipment and data centers are essential to all business nowadays. To ensure the stable operation of data centers, Delta presents high efficiency, high reliability 1U power shelf with the latest 80 PLUS Titanium Configurable Power Supply (GaN). The power supply adopts fully digital control design with GaN technology for optimal efficiency above 96% (higher than 80 PLUS Titanium standard) and provides a maximum output of 24 kW when combined in a power shelf.

As enterprise server processors and associated technologies continue to increase in power density and performance, this has driven demand for better power and heat dissipation. Delta’s latest High-Performance fan E-series offers improvements across the board in terms of efficiency, vibration, speed, noise reduction, resonance and safety. Designed for the next generation of server architectures and power modules, making them well suited to server, telecom and IoT applications. 

Industrial and Renewable Energy Solutions
Global energy-saving requirements have become more and more stringent every year, and AC-based fan motors are struggling to keep pace with newer, more efficient HVAC and Commercial Refrigerator systems. In response, Delta has developed brushless DC motor technology which is Electronically Commutated (EC) for industrial use. Featuring integrated AC to DC inverters and magnetic rotors, they offer significant power savings over AC motor fans while maintaining AC source-input compatibility. Customers can expect power savings of up to 70% by using Delta’s EC fans. They are ideally suited to renewable energy systems and EV chargers, battery storage/backup systems, and cold chain/commercial fridge applications.

Delta is also presenting its MOOVair 1 kW Wireless Charging System, an innovative industrial charging solution for automated industrial electric-driven vehicles. Featuring a 1,000 W output power, peak efficiency of 93%, and contactless power transmission over a gap of up to 20 mm, the wireless charging system offers highly efficient charging for all types of 24 V / 48 V batteries by inbuilt profiles or CAN bus control.  The system is composed of a transmitter connected to the AC supply and an onboard charging unit connected to the battery.

Mobile Device Charging Solutions
Delta leverages its in-house expertise of designing mobile power supplies to provide high-efficiency, in-vehicle wireless and USB Type-C charging solutions for automotive OEMs. The free-positioning feature of Delta’s wireless charger allows a mobile device to be charged regardless of its position and orientation on the charging pad. It also enables the charging of two devices simultaneously without overheating thanks to the advanced active and passive cooling designs. As for Delta’s high-power-density USB Type-C charger, it offers ultra-fast charging up to 80W per port. The multi-port charging is managed by the Dynamic Power Sharing function to improve user experience by optimizing the charging durations of all connected devices at the same time.

The increasing popularity of computer, communication and consumer-electronic products in recent years has brought up the needs for more efficient charging solutions. As the USB PD has become one of the major charging protocols, Delta’s new Embedded USB Type-C Wall Socket will enhance the charging convenience and experience with maximum 65W power output and high power density of 13.1W/inch3 in only 81cc volume (155g in weight). The product meets PD 3.0, Overvoltage Category III, and IEC/UL 62368-1 safety standards to provide highly efficient, reliable power charging for various electronic products and small appliances. The USB Type-C Wall Socket can be widely applied to domestic and commercial occasions such as offices, hotels, cafes, and public transportation including airports, train stations, etc.

Power Electronics for Home Appliance Applications
Being a long-term partner with all leading brands in the home appliance market, Delta supplies a broad range of standard and customized power electronics solutions, including control boards and panels, power magnetics, PFC chokes, platinum RTD sensors, current sensing resistors, cooling fans, solenoids, etc. Through its extensive technical capabilities and large-scale manufacturing experiences, Delta supports customers to develop new generations of eco-friendly appliances with superior quality, high performance, and cost effectiveness benefits for the end users.
Delta welcomes visitors to explore its power, fan, thermal management and biomedical solutions in Hall A4, Stand 202 at Electronica, hosted at Messe München in Munich, Germany, from 15th - 18th November, 2022.

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