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Delta’s Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions Showcased at EVS35

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, is participating in the world’s leading EV event, EVS35, hosted in Oslo, Norway. Delta will demonstrate its Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions for various applications such as residential, commercial, destination and public. Product highlights on the stand will include the Slim100 EV Charger—a new 100kW DC fast EV charger with a robust and compact design for space-critical applications—and the 50kW DC Wallbox  EV Charger, which boasts a slim design that makes it an ideal solution for city and street charging.
“In the EU today, there are more than six million EVs on the road,” stated Vincent Lin, Senior Director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development, Delta Electronics EMEA region. “With more drivers appreciating the sustainability and environmental benefits of EVs, this number is set to increase even further ahead of legislation that will ban the sale of ICE vehicles in the EU in 2035.” He added, “Delta offers a comprehensive portfolio of EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions that are designed specifically for residential, commercial, destination, and public charging applications, making it easy to respond to the various charging needs of EV drivers while also easing the impact on the grid. Delta’s scalable solutions simplify the process for planning, installing and managing the charging infrastructure in preparation for the evolving EV future.”    
Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions
A survey of EV user charging behaviour shows that 80%-90% of charging events occur in the home or at work[1], resulting in peak demand periods in either the evening after returning home, or in the morning after arriving at work. To avoid peak demand charges from grid operators and to optimise renewable energy harvesting, smart charging profiles are required along with battery energy storage for peak shaving or load shifting, especially in light of the recent significant rises in energy costs.
Delta’s EV charging infrastructure solution is a key enabler for the transition of energy. It combines EV charging, PV systems, energy storage systems and energy management systems, all working together in a fully integrated setup that will ensure energy optimisation. It can support the highest peaks in energy and EV charging demand, and has been developed to integrate seamlessly into current power grids.
As the core part of its smart EV charging infrastructure solution, Delta will also demonstrate its new EV charging management system – DeltaGrid® EV Management - which can help EV charging operators increase management efficiency and reduce their capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).
Commercial and Destination Charging
Delta offers the SLIM 100 and DC Wallbox 50kW for commercial charging environments, ranging from shopping malls, restaurants, and cinemas to parking lots, service stations, and urban traffic hubs. It also caters for destinations where EV drivers park for an extended period of time, such as office buildings, hotels, roadside parking, parking lots, department stores, commercial/office buildings, and EV fleet charging stations. The SLIM 100 is an EV charger with a robust and compact design that delivers maximum power of 100 kW and rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. The SLIM 100 provides simultaneous charging of up to three vehicles and offers DC and AC charging. It is an ideal solution for space-critical applications, as its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power. The DC Wallbox 50kW offers a charging efficiency of 97%, is only 25 cm thick and has a footprint that is 60% smaller than other products with the same power range. It also supports simultaneous charging with a maximum output of 50kW of DC power from two charging connectors. The DC Wallbox 50kW has high charging efficiency, a high spatial usage rate and a high charging turnover rate, providing charging station operators and business owners with optimal spatial and operational efficiency.
Residential Charging
Delta’s Residential Charging solutions enable homes to have their own private charging infrastructure for safe and efficient charging. Designed to be easily installed by a qualified electrician, the chargers are user-friendly and available with authentication and payment systems for multi-family houses. Delta’s AC MAX EV Charger is a plug-and-play solution that minimises installation complexities and commissioning time, making it a cost-effective option for home applications.
Delta welcomes visitors to its stand (Hall C, C03-20D) at EVS35, hosted in Oslo, Norway, from June 11 to 15, 2022.

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