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Delta’s UFCs Helps Bilmetro AB Power Up for an Electric Future

With Swedish citizens increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint, many of them are now choosing to replace their ICE vehicles with electric alternatives to help to reduce pollution and  support the planet’s long term sustainability. This enthusiasm has driven a rapid increase in sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and, with it, demand for the chargers needed to keep EVs and their drivers mobile. 

Assisting drivers in Sweden make the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs is Bilmetro AB, a long-established car dealership whose roots can be traced back to 1922. Today, the company employs over 550 employees across 11 locations in Sweden, specialising in Audi, Skoda and VW vehicles. Anticipating its customers’ changing preferences for how their cars are powered, in 2020 the company had the foresight to invest in ten UFC200 chargers from Delta. Today, there are being used to charge customers’ EVs as well as the dealership’s demonstrator EVs.

Prior to selecting the Delta UFC200 chargers, Bilmetro AB consulted with Svensk Fordonsladdning AB - a leading supplier of DC installations and services in Sweden - to discuss its needs and establish the most suitable charging solution for its requirements. With ten highly experience employees, four service offices across the country and the ability to deliver a complete solution for the customer – ranging from pre-design to implementation, documentation, operation and maintenance - Svensk Fordonsladdning AB was well placed to advise Bilmetro AB on the EV charger options open to it. With its many years of experience selling and maintaining Delta products, Svensk Fordonsladdning AB was confident that Delta’s UFC200 charger would meet its current and future EV charging requirements.

With Bilmetro AB impressed by the UFC200’s quality, proven reliability and scalability – which ranges from 50kW to 200Kw – and the benefit of it combining all the elements in one cabinet, an order was placed for ten units. All of the UFC200 chargers were operational by December 2021, with the entire project managed and implemented by Svensk Fordonsladdning AB’s highly qualified team. As the company is a complete solution supplier, Bilmetro AB benefitted from having one point of contact throughout the whole decision making, purchasing and installation process, as well as for aftersales care and technical support.

Ideally suited to forward-looking EV Infrastructures, Delta's UFC 200 platform offers the convenience of a single charging station with the flexibility to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Two charging points are available for DC fast charging up to 200 kW and two charging points for AC charging with 22 kW each. Thanks to the integrated power management, the available power can be optimised, the charging times of the vehicles can be reduced and the maximum currents at the grid connection point can be secured at all times. For larger DC charging parks, additional variants and configurations are possible to enhance operation or to implement different traffic/parking concepts.

Commenting on its role in bringing highly-effective EV charging to Bilmetro AB, Robert Nilsson, CEO of Svensk Fordonsladdning AB, stated: “It is a wonderful feeling to know that we gained Bilmetro AB’s confidence and trust in delivering a complete EV charging solution. This vindicates our role as a trusted EV supplier to some of the world’s most respected automotive brands and the dealer’s that support them.”

He added: “We have considerable experience working with Delta and its advanced and reliable solutions. The positive feedback we receive from our customers about Delta’s chargers means we are always confident about recommending them, as they have proven to be reliable and robust chargers that are well-designed and well-suited for challenging conditions. The exceptional technical support from Delta perfectly complements its solutions.”

“As a company committed to protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future for everyone, we’re really excited about the transition to EVs. It’s fantastic to see how the increasing adoption of our Ultra Fast Chargers is making operating and charging an EV as easy as possible, encouraging even more drivers to enjoy the performance and environmental benefits of an electric-powered vehicle,” stated Arto Suni, Head of Sales and Marketing, EVCS, PCS & ESS, Delta Electronics, EMEA. He added: “Bilmetro AB stands out as shining example of a company that’s helping to accelerate the uptake of EVs, and Delta’s successful partnership with Svensk Fordonsladdning AB is already having a positive impact on the environment.”

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