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Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly One For All Charger from Innergie now Available through Amazon Germany

Innergie, a consumer power brand of Delta that has won several international certifications and awards, announced that its One For All charging solution for electronic devices is now available through Amazon Germany for consumers to make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions. Compatible with a wide-range of mobiles, laptops, tablets, game consoles, headphones and other devices, Innergie’s charging solutions reduce clutter with one simple charging solution suited to home, workplace and mobile lifestyle charging requirements. The One For All charger is supported with a three year global warranty.

Shu-Hai Chen, Managing Director of Innergie, said: “We are very excited about the launch of the Innergie brand and the One For All’s availability through Amazon Germany. It comes at a time when consumers are more conscious about making environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions. With the One For All charger, consumers can also be assured that they have made a future proofed investment. The EU believes that unifying all device charging cables through a single charger reduces waste and costs, and the One For All charger already supports this mandate for laptops, mobile phones, chargers, charging cables and other electronic devices to use USB-C as the main charging interface. Providing products with high-quality and durability, Innergie is committed to reducing the impact on the environment in all aspects of design, production, manufacturing and logistics.”

Consumers are increasingly eco-aware, and Innergie’s solutions meet their requirements for sustainable and energy-efficient charging solutions. Innergie has reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint through streamlined product line design and reduced electricity and water intensity in the manufacturing process. Innergie’s solutions are also designed and manufactured in strict compliance with Delta’s exacting specifications: technology, quality and durability. Product longevity is a core factor in the pursuit of sustainability to reduce e-waste. Innergie takes its role as a manufacturer seriously and is following the SDG12 Responsible Production and Consumption guidelines closely to reduce the impact on the environment. To that end, Innergie is the industrial-leading charger brand with its products manufactured with 100% renewable electricity and lead-free solder process. 75% of the materials used are recyclable and comply with EU WEEE regulations. In addition, Innergie’s products are manufactured in a UL2799 zero waste burial (platinum level) certified facility, where 100% of the waste material from the manufacturing process is diverted for reuse.

Chargers are an absolute necessity in our digitally connected personal and professional lives, given that people use a range of devices for more than eight hours a day on average. The Innergie One For All charging solution offers a durable, efficient and sustainable option for your daily charging activity. Its availability through Amazon Germany makes it easier for consumers to make eco-friendly purchasing decisions, and is available to be shipped around Europe.

News Source:Delta EMEA