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Highly reliable Power Conditioning System (PCS) for converting AC and DC power,
supporting both grid-tied and off-grid applications.

Delta's PCS100 is a bidirectional battery inverter designed for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors. It supports various energy strategies, including power backup, peak shaving, load shifting, and more. The PCS100 combines high efficiency, a compact design, and outstanding reliability, making it essential for today's energy challenges.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Advanced Power Control

The PCS100 is outstanding at delivering efficient and precise power management. It provides active and reactive power compensation, significantly enhancing power quality. This advanced control capability is essential for managing peak demand and reducing demand charges, offering substantial cost savings and improved system reliability within the power grid.

Optimal Efficiency and Scalability

Achieving a peak efficiency of 97.6%, the PCS100 offers a compact design that minimizes spatial footprint while providing scalability for future needs. It is known for its low standby power loss and high conversion efficiency. Multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase power capacity, enabling management as a single entity to meet evolving energy demands.

Integration with Renewable and Battery Systems

The PCS100 is compatible with mainstream battery systems and can integrate solar power and other renewable energy sources. This compatibility allows for efficient energy management, enabling businesses to effectively leverage renewable energy and maximize their return on investment, thereby enhancing the overall power supply.

Robust and Reliable Operation

Designed with a Type 3R enclosure and rated IP55 for outdoor applications, the PCS100 ensures durable performance in various environmental conditions. Its rapid power transfer time of less than 40 milliseconds and black start capability make it highly reliable for critical power backup and microgrid applications, ensuring continuous operation without interruption.

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Upgrade your energy strategy with Delta's power conversion system (PCS) and modernize your energy infrastructure. Enhance power quality, manage load shifts, and integrate renewable energy sources with this reliable, scalable, and efficient system. Tailored for EPC professionals, energy system integrators, and industrial enterprises.

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