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DeltaGrid® EM

Maximize the potential of your energy storage system (ESS) and achieve optimal energy control with DeltaGrid® EM.

DeltaGrid® EM revolutionizes energy management systems (EMS) by adopting advanced AIoT technology to offer unparalleled control, optimization, and monitoring of energy systems. Designed for a diverse range of applications, from commercial and industrial (C&I) enterprises to solar power plants and utility companies, DeltaGrid® EM incorporates advanced features to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and support renewable energy integration.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Advanced Energy Source and Load Management

DeltaGrid® EM precisely manages diverse energy sources and loads, optimizing real-time energy usage across networks. This system enhances the economic and operational efficiency of energy systems, ensuring optimal performance and reducing energy consumption through load balancing.

AI-Driven Optimization and Predictive Maintenance

Equipped with AI-based preventive diagnostics and digital services, DeltaGrid® EM monitors cumulative power generation and usage to predict and optimize system performance. This proactive approach minimizes downtime by anticipating maintenance needs and scheduling repairs before failures occur, thereby extending asset life and maximizing investment.

Enhanced Cybersecurity and System Reliability

DeltaGrid® EM ensures high availability and redundancy for 24/7 operation, with robust cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches and cyber threats. This system maintains smooth critical operations with self-detection and quick recovery features, safeguarding your energy assets against unforeseen interruptions.

Integrated Renewable Energy and Grid Services

The energy management software supports fast frequency response ancillary services and efficient integration with distributed energy resources (DERs) and solar power plants. Real-time monitoring and AIoT-enhanced predictive maintenance optimize the use of locally produced renewable energy, reducing reliance on external power sources and enhancing sustainability.

Carbon Emission Tracking and Reduction

DeltaGrid® EM tracks carbon emissions by production line and product, using AI algorithms to identify abnormal power consumption and uncover energy-saving opportunities. This feature helps meet regulatory compliance and supports corporate sustainability goals by providing clear carbon reduction performance indicators.

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Implement DeltaGrid® EM to simplify complex energy management tasks, reduce energy costs, and enhance overall system efficiency. Whether you’re managing an industrial facility or PV power plant our EMS solution transforms how you monitor, control, and optimize energy usage with real-time data, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

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