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Energy Storage Skid Solution

Faster Deployment with a Smaller Footprint  

Integrated energy storage system for industrial and commercial applications

In response to carbon reduction trends and to ensure a stable electricity supply, industrial and commercial demand for the utilization of energy storage systems is increasing. However, users might hesitate on the investment due to limited space, long construction times, or high CapEx and OpEx.

Delta’s modular and integrated energy storage solution can operate at 100-200 kW / 2.5-8 hrs or 125-250 / 2-6 hrs by leveraging LFP battery solutions. It can be configured according to current needs while reserving flexibility for future expansion.


Product Introduction


Features & Benefits
All-in-one design for quick installation and minimum footprint
  • Integrated wiring and cabinets in the skid.
  • Only communication and DC lines need to be connected on-site.
  • Pre-assembly and testing before leaving the factory, making delivery, installation, and maintenance easier.

Flexible and scalable configurations to meet current and future needs
  • Flexibly fits current needs while allowing for future expansion to reduce the cost of the initial investment.
  • Supports parallel installation for higher power requirements.

Optimal system safety to reduce risks and protect assets
  • Battery management system (BMS) that can be monitored from the cell and module to system level.
  • Anti-fire propagation and auto-fire suppression systems.
  • Each cabinet is equipped with an HVAC unit, as well as temperature, smoke and flood sensors.