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EB3000 Series

The Delta EB3000 Series, a third-generation elevator drive, offers a combination of compliance, safety, and efficiency. Its compact design facilitates easy installation in both machine-room (MR) and machine-roomless (MRL) lifts, catering to diverse applications. To deliver better performance and more comfortable rides, the EB3000 Series applied the latest control techniques, accommodating various encoders with multiple built-in communication options, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of motors and controllers. Moreover, Delta offers the Delta Drive Tool which enables easy and remote operation as it runs auto tuning and quick troubleshooting.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • Compact size for flexible installation in MRL lifts
  • Highly efficient and reliable due to maintenance and troubleshooting, resulting in time saving through: 
       - Integrated EMC filter
     - Data-logger
     - Wireless Control
     - Application Features
  • Built-in CANlift CiA 417, Modbus (DCP 3/4)
  • Supports various encoders
  • Flexible UPS Configuration Options
  • Enables direct landing through reduced creep time
  • Improved Rollback through precise torque control, allowing smooth start without load sensor
  • Low noise due to zero contactor and 8 kHz carrier frequency
  • Complies to EN Standards
      - Lift: EN 81-20 / EN 81-50
      - EMC: EN 12015 / EN 12016
      - Safe torque off: SIL3