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DTE Series

The DTE series is a multi-channel modular temperature controller. It supports up to 8 thermocouple/platinum resistance input groups. It is DIN-rail mounted (reduced wiring) and is equipped on each channel with simultaneously-operating, independent controllers. The DTE offers several output modules (relay, voltage pulse, current output and linear voltage output). The built-in 2-wire RS-485 communication can reach baud rates of 115,200bps. The DTE’s PLC handles up to 64 different temperature and control time cycles. Up to 7 DTC2000 controllers can be connected to the DTE, which also supports synchronous communication protocol and auto ID setup functions.

Product Introduction


Airconditioning system, plastic machinery

  • PID, ON/OFF, programmable PID or manual control are available.
  • PID auto-tuning
  • Programmable control for 8 patterns and 8 steps in each pattern.
  • 12 modes ready for alarm output
  • °C or °F for the temperature unit
  • Built-in RS-485 communication interface which supports Modbus ASCII/RTU and baud rate of up to 115,200bps.
  • Extendable to maximum 7 DTC2000 digital controllers
  • Supports synchronous communication protocol and auto ID setup function.
  • Supports various selections of input/output modules, e.g. relay output, voltage pulse output, current output, analog voltage output, parameter display and setup.
  • Supports CT functions, over-current and off-line alarm