Ultron (> 10kVA)

HPH Series 20/30/40/60/80/100/120 kW

Ultron (> 10kVA) - HPH Series 20/30/40/60/80/100/120 kW

Best-in-class power protection with maximum power and cost efficiency

Behind every great design there is an answer. Delta's true online double-conversion Ultron HPH Series is the solution for small and medium data centers and mission critical applications requiring highly reliable power protection and unbeatable energy efficiency.

The innovation behind the Ultron HPH Series UPS design incorporates low iTHD (<3%), 96% AC-AC and 99% ECO mode energy efficiency for increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings. Fully rated power (kVa=kW) without de-rating, the Ultron UPS offers leading AC-AC efficiency without sacrificing any available power requirements. Increased availability is further augmented through Ultron HPH watch-dog design.

Quite simply, the HPH Series UPS from Delta is a best-in-class (three phase 20/30/40/60/80/100/120 kVA UPS) power protection system that combines maximum available power, unsurpassed energy efficiency, and superior power performance with a significant advantage: TCO savings. HPH is an ideal choice for datacenters as well as for industries involved in factory equipment, communication systems, computer network systems, medical systems, monitoring systems and more. Since the Ultron HPH series UPS was launched in 2013, it has obtained wide adoption by customers and professional organizations worldwide, such as HPH 20kVA and 30kVA UPS for the luxury car manufacturers in Germany, key telecommunication operators in Asia, and international medical equipment providers in India, to name a few.

Swappable interior architecture for quick and easy maintenance; Redundant fan design enhances system reliability
  Best-in-Class Power Performance and Efficiency
Fully rated power (kVA=kW) for maximum power availability
Leading AC-AC efficiency up to 96% saves energy costs
Low harmonic pollution (iTHD<3%) and high input power factor (>0.99) reduce upstream investment costs
  Assured Reliability
Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and extends battery life
DSP based technology enables reduction in the number of electronic components to lower failure rate
Redundant auxiliary power and fan design* enhance system reliability
Watch-dog design of dual auxiliary power circuit to eliminate single-point failure to ensure reliability
Built-in manual bypass ensures continuous power to the load even if the UPS is under maintenance
  Greater Flexibility
A wide choice of configurations, such as N+X redundancy and hot stand-by
Adjustable charging current and charging voltage meet different battery configuration requirements
Flexible battery configuration optimizes battery investment
  Superior Serviceability and Management
Front-door battery replacement with hot-swappable battery tray design supports easy and quick replacement without turning the unit off (HPH-B / BN)
Swappable interior architecture and front access servicing enables quick and easy maintenance*
Multi-connectivity interface supports remote UPS monitoring and management
HPH-20K, HPH-30K, HPH-40K,
HPH-60K, HPH-80K, HPH-100K, HPH-120K
Power Rating
HPH-20K : 20 kVA/kW
HPH-30K : 30 kVA/kW
HPH-40K : 40 kVA/kW
HPH-60K : 60 kVA/kW
HPH-80K : 80 kVA/kW
HPH-100K : 100 kVA/kW
HPH-120K : 120 kVA/kW
Nominal Voltage : 380/220Vac, 400/230Vac, 415/240Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Range
HPH-20~40K : 300~477 Vac (full load), 228~300 Vac (70%~100% load)
HPH-60~120K : 332~477 Vac (full load), 228~332 Vac (63%~100% load)
Frequency : 40~70Hz
Power Factor : > 0.99 (full load)
Current Harmonic Distortion : < 3%
Voltage : 380/220Vac, 400/230Vac, 415/240Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Regulation : ± 1 %
Voltage Harmonic Distortion
HPH-20~40K : < 1.5% (linear load)
HPH-60~120K : <2% (linear load)
Overload Capability
≤105 %: continuous
106% ~ ≤125%: 10 minutes
126% ~ ≤150%: 1 minute
>150%: 1 second
Output Power Factor : 1
Frequency : 50/60Hz +/- 0.05Hz
Battery Voltage : 240Vdc
Type : Support SMF/VRLA/Tubular/Ni-Cd
HPH-20~40K : 32-50 pcs
HPH-60~120K : 32-46 pcs***
Charge Current (Max.) Built-in
HPH-20K : 5A
HPH-30/40K : 9A
HPH-60K : 10A
HPH-80K : 15A
HPH-100/120K : 20A
Typical Backup Time**
HPH-20K-BN/B : 15 min
HPH-30K-BN/B : 10 min
HPH-40K-BN/B : 9.5 min
Communication Interfaces
SMART Slot x 1, MINI Slot x 1, Parallel Port x 2, RS232 Port x 1, REPO Port x 1, Charger Detection Port x 1, Input Dry Contact x 2, Output Dry Contact x 6, USB Port x 1*
Safety : CE, RCM
UPS Classification According to IEC 62040-3 : VFI-SS-111
Other Features
Parallel Redundancy : Up to 4 units
Emergency Power Off : Yes (local and remote)
Maintenance Bypass Switch : Yes
HPH-20~40K : Up to 96%
HPH-60~120K : > 96% (HPH 40-120K efficiency is tested by TÜV)
ECO Mode : Up to 99%
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 40˚C
Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Audible Noise
HPH-20K : < 55 dB
HPH-30/40K : < 60 dB
HPH-60~120K : < 65 dB
Dimensions (W x D x H)
HPH-20~40K : 380 x 800 x 800 mm
HPH-60/80K : 520 x 800 x 1175 mm
HPH-100/120K : 520 x 800 x 1760 mm
HPH-20K : 66.5 Kg
HPH-30K : 86.06 kg
HPH-40K : 86.5 Kg
HPH-60K : 186.5 kg
HPH-80K : 191 kg
HPH-100/120K : 312 kg
Physical (BN/B)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
HPH-20~40K : 490 x 830 x 1400 mm
Weight (with batt.)
HPH-20K-B : 365 kg
HPH-30K/40K-B : 385 kg
Weight (without batt.)
HPH-20K-BN : 131 kg
HPH-30/40K-BN : 162 kg
HPH-B: UPS integrated battery model has batteries inside
HPH-BN: UPS integrated battery model has no batteries inside

* Applied for models HPH-60/80/100/120K
** At 70% load with internal battery strings.
*** UPS needs de-rating for battery quantity 32-36 pcs. Please contact authorized Delta personnel.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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