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Delta present at Fully Charged LIVE South 2023, the Electric Vehicle & Home Energy Show

Farnborough International on 28 – 30 April 2023

Delta is excited to announce that it will be present at Fully Charged LIVE South 2023, the Electric Vehicle & Home Energy Show. Hosted at Farnborough International on 28 – 30 April 2023, the show brings together the very latest advancements in EVs and charging solutions designed to support EV drivers. This important event coincides with the growing demand for EVs and the requirement to create a charging infrastructure that meets EV drivers’ charging needs. The show presents Delta with the perfect platform to exhibit two of its most recent solutions: its DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger, and its Energy Storage Solution for commercial and industry applications. Delta’s booth is located at M12.

Fast, convenient charging with the compact DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger

Delta’s DCWB50 EV charger offers a charging efficiency of 97% and support for simultaneous charging. While regular DC chargers are around 50–60 cm thick, Delta’s DC Wallbox 50kW is only 25 cm thick. This markedly slimmer design only requires 40% of the installation space. With a maximum output of 50kW of DC power from two charging guns, the DC Wallbox 50kW is suitable for sites such as roadside parking, conventional parking lots, department stores, commercial and office buildings and EV fleet charging stations. Its compact-size negates the need to re-plan existing parking spaces. With the DC Wallbox 50kW, one hour of charging provides an EV with enough charge to cover more than 200 km. This enables EV drivers to charge their vehicles while parked.

ESS – the prefabricated energy storage system for industrial and commercial applications

Delta’s prefabricated Energy Storage System (ESS) has been engineered for industrial and commercial applications, including EV charging stations. This solution not only helps businesses meet their ESG, carbon reduction and power delivery needs, but it also enables connection upgrade deferral through peak shaving and load shifting for new EV-charging loads, as well as self-consumption optimization when paired with PV power. With a skid-mounted design, the ESS comes from the factory with the power conditioning system, batteries, all the necessary internal cabling and switchgear, as well as control and communication systems pre-configured for the optional DeltaGrid® energy management system.

This means that the installation and commissioning time can be significantly shortened, because the cabinets arrive ready to be connected, making it easier to meet project deadlines without customized engineering or costly on-site efforts. Delta’s skid-mounted ESS uses LFP batteries to safely deliver runtimes ranging from 2 to 8 hours. It can be configured to specific use cases and is scalable for future expansion. The system is furnished with important certifications such as IEC 62619 and UL 9540A and is ready to be shipped worldwide in 2023.

Visit Delta’s booth (M12) at Fully Charged LIVE South 2023, Farnborough International, 28 – 30 April 2023 to learn more about Delta’s solutions.

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