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Delta’s UFC 200 selected by CPO Allego for field test feasibility study

Delta’s Ultra Fast Charger (UFC 200) has been selected by Allego, a leading pan European Charge Point Operator (CPO) in Europe. Delta is very proud to be selected by Allego for this important evaluation of the UFC 200’s performance and durability in a real-world environment. The field test will take place at Allego test site in the Meern, the Netherlands, spanning a period of two to three months, The field test will enable Allego to obtain first-hand experience of the charger’s performance and capabilities in real life use cases. The program will also evaluate EV driver user experience and feedback. 

Allego is Europe’s largest, independent public charging network, established in The Netherlands in 2013, and listed on NYSE in 2022. The company believes that everyone with an electric vehicle should be able to charge whenever and wherever they need. Therefore, Allego is working closely with partners to provide simple, reliable and safe charging solutions. With Delta’s reputation for reliability, its EV charging solutions were a clear choice for Allego, as they complement the company’s focus to install more Ultrafast chargers across its network, currently spanning more than 18 European countries.

With its full range of EV charging infrastructure products and solutions for all power ranges, Delta to date has delivered more than 2 million EV chargers to more than 44 countries since 2010. Today, it is one of the top EV charger manufacturers in the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region.

Delta's UFC200 Ultra Fast Charger has been highly praised by both major Charging Point Operators (CPOs) and leading car manufacturers. Currently it has been successfully installed in over 2,000 locations.

As more and more drivers migrate to Electric Vehicles and the EV charging infrastructure evolves across EMEA region, Delta is extremely excited that it has been selected for this field test. We look forward to supporting Allego in this field test and jointly evaluating the outcome.

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