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Wireless Charger

In-Vehicle Wireless Charger
Mainstream adoption of wireless charging by smartphone manufacturers has incentivized development of in-vehicle wireless chargers. Delta Electronics Inc., a world-leading provider of power supply equipment, is leveraging its in-house expertise in magnetics design to produce high-efficiency, in-car wireless chargers.

Standards and Certificates
As a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Delta Electronics adheres to the latest product compliance standards, e.g. Qi v1.3, as well as other safety- and EMI-related standards such as CISPR-25, ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2. Two examples of Qi-compliant wireless chargers can be found on and

Integrated NFC
While charging the smartphone, the charger automatically performs pairing through NFC authentication, facilitating seamless infotainment operation and shared functionality between smartphone and the vehicle on-board system. Connection through NFC authentication could also enable use of a digital car key instead of a physical key. Additionally, wireless charger equipped with NFC provides FOD, thereby preventing accidental charging on metal objects or NFC cards.

Free-Positioning Wireless Charger
To avoid the issue of misalignment that prevents proper charging of smartphone, Delta Electronics uses proprietary coil design and advanced alignment algorithm to design a free-positioning wireless charger that allows users to place their devices anywhere on the charging pad. Moreover, the wireless charger can charge two devices simultaneously.