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Prefabricated Data Center

Quick Deployment for Telecom Edge
& Data Center Applications

Xubus Node

All-in-one, prefabricated data center 
18kW, 35kW, 50kW, 70kW and 90kW

The emerging 5G infrastructure opens new opportunities for enterprises
and institutions offering critical services to customers and the public. Players within telecom, healthcare, banking and insurance, manufacturing industries, the military and more, are met with high and growing expectations for a superior user experience, with unprecedented speed, capacity, reliability and data security.

Delta Xubus Node solutions are the perfect answer for supporting 5G needs, offering turnkey data centers available in five different IT load configurations from 18 to 90kW. It is an all integrated, plug-and-play solution for rapid deployment with excellent reliability and flexibility – ready to deliver on the promise of 5G.


Prefabricated Data Center Solutions

Fully designed and optimized, deliverable in 5 standard solutions from 18 to 90 kW IT load with optional auxiliary systems.

Power System

  • UPS systems with outstanding power performance, ultimate availability and efficiency provide critical power protection and savings for customers.
  • Automatic switching between two sources is available in a base option for all Xubus Node solutions, allowing customers the connection of on-site power production systems (apart from the grid power supply).
  • Power distribution solution integrated within a UPS, allows saving valuable data center space.
  • Cable distribution directly above racks increases space utilization and provides flexible and simple installation.
  • Battery backup provides 5 minute runtime at full load.

Uptime Tier III Ready Certificate

A Tier III certified data center is concurrently maintainable with redundant components as a key differentiator, with redundant distribution paths to serve the critical environment. Unlike Tier I and Tier II, these facilities require no shutdowns when equipment needs maintenance or replacement. The components of Tier III are added to Tier II components so that any part can be shut down without impacting IT operation.

Optional - Data Center InfraSuite Manager
  • As a comprehensive suite of data center management tools, brings visibility and automation to the datacenter for easier management and more effective optimization, with added functionality.
  • The basic model of InfraSuite Manager enables vendor-independent equipment integration and provides real time equipment operating status, data, faults and indicators in the designed layout plan.
  • The optional PUE Energy Module handles energy consumption measurement, PUE calculation, electricity cos calculation, and historical data analysis.

Cooling Systems
  • Cooling system is comprised of DX cooling in-row units with hot swappable fans and distributed control.
  • Standard operating ambient temperature range is -15°C up to +48°C.
  • Automatic step-out function to manage local hot spots.
  • Remote air cooled condensers are pre-installed on the module so there is no requirement for additional on-site installation.
  • Condensers are surrounded with a mesh cage ensuring mechanical protection.


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