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DC Wallbox 50

Flexible, Smart and Efficient in Operation

Delta's new DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger, a compact and powerful wall box charger, boasts a remarkable 97% efficiency in an ultra-slim design, only 25 cm thick. This electric car wall charger is perfectly suited for various settings, including parking lots and commercial areas, offering both floor and wall-mounting options. This space-saving wallbox charger requires just 40% of the installation space of standard chargers. With dual charging capability and a 50kW DC power output, the DC Wallbox 50kW represents the forefront of EV charging technology, where efficiency meets innovative design.


Product Introduction


The DC Wallbox 50 kW provides high-efficiency charging services for commercial sites. With its dual charging connectors, charging station turnover can be maximised. The DC Wallbox 50 kW is OCPP-compatible, enabling backend integration for capabilities including user identification, remote monitoring and system control. Its small footprint and compact wall-mount design enables site owners to optimise site space and layout.

Features & Benefits

Space-Efficient Design

The Delta DC Wallbox 50kW, a compact wallbox ev charger, features an ultra-slim 25 cm profile, using only 40% of the space of standard EV chargers.

High Energy Efficiency

Achieving a 97% energy conversion rate surpasses similar models in reducing electricity loss and costs, marking a new standard for electric vehicle charging.

Dual Output Capability

Equipped with two charging connectors, it serves various electric vehicle models, boosting turnover and site operator revenue.

User-Friendly Interface

This EV charging station includes a 7-inch screen and RFID card reader for user identification, supported by Ethernet and wireless for easy remote management.

Flexible Installation

Offers flexible floor and wall-mounting options to suit different site requirements.

The DC wall box EV charger compatibility with parking, commercial, and traffic hub charging sites.


Download Sections

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