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Ultra Fast Charger 200kW

Forward-Looking EV Infrastructure:
Revolutionize EV Charging with Delta's UFC 200 fast charger

Delta's UFC 200 platform offers the convenience of a single charging station with the flexibility to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Two charging points are available for DC fast charging up to 200 kW and two charging points for AC charging with 22 kW each. Thanks to the integrated power management, the available power can be optimised, the charging times of the vehicles can be reduced and the maximum currents at the grid connection point can be secured at all times.
For larger DC charging parks, additional variants and configurations are possible to
optimize operation or to implement different traffic and parking concepts.



Product Introduction


The UFC 200 is a 200 kW high-power charger perfect for next-generation e-vehicles. Ideal for public and roadside applications, it offers dynamic power management, dual-sided connectors, and user-friendly payment solutions.

Features & Benefits

High Power, Fast Charging Speed

Delta's UFC 200 delivers a 200 kW power output, cutting charging times by 33% to reach full charge. It is ideal for busy public charging areas and brings top-notch EV charging efficiency.

Smart Design, Enhanced Efficiency

With dynamic power management and modular design, the UFC 200 EV fast charger ensures optimal charging efficiency and easy maintenance. It supports up to 920 VDC with a 200 kW / 400A CCS cable.

User-Friendly, Adaptable Operation

The charger combines user convenience with dynamic load distribution, featuring an integrated payment system and RFID identification. It's designed for varied applications, from public and commercial to fleets.

Robust and Flexible for Any Layout

Durable and compliant with DIN 18040 standards, the UFC 200's adaptable design suits different parking layouts, and it is ideal for diverse fast charging station environments.

This EV fast charger is apt for applications, including fast charging corridors, parking lots, service stations, traffic hubs, and logistics fleets.


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