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Ultra Fast Charger 200kW

Forward-Looking EV Infrastructure:
Speed-up your power with UFC 200

Delta's UFC 200 platform offers the convenience of a single charging station with the flexibility to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Two charging points are available for DC fast charging up to 200 kW and two charging points for AC charging with 22 kW each. Thanks to the integrated power management, the available power can be optimised, the charging times of the vehicles can be reduced and the maximum currents at the grid connection point can be secured at all times. For larger DC charging parks, additional variants and configurations are possible
to optimize operation or to implement different traffic and parking concepts.



Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • 200 kW charging power for next generation e-vehicles
  • Dynamic power management minimizing the charging time
  • Integrated credit card payment solution and RFID user identification
  • 200 kW / 400A CCS cable without liquid cooling
  • Supports up to 920 VDC
  • Full accessibility according to DIN 18040
  • Connector on both sides for different traffic schemes