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DeltaGrid® EVM

Forward-looking Smart Charging Solution
equipped with Advanced Energy Management

To help Electric vehicle (EV) charging service providers ensure power availability, reduce energy costs and improve customer satisfaction in new and existing EV charging infrastructure, Delta has included special features for EV charging in the DeltaGrid® energy management system. By enabling grouping of EV chargers, prioritisation, scheduling, configurable limits to charging power as well as leveraging time-of-use tariff arbitrage, DeltaGrid® EVM provides unparalleled possibilities for managing EV charger infrastructure.

DeltaGrid® EVM takes EV charging to the next level with the possibilities of integrating energy storage and renewable energy sources such as solar, in order to not only improve a site’s carbon footprint but also reduce operational costs through peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, load shifting and more.

Product Introduction

DeltaGrid® EVM (EV Charging Management System), AI-driven platform, can seamlessly integrating solar energy and energy storage to enhance power stability at charging sites globally. Addressing electrical safety, billing accuracy, and management efficiency, it's perfect for home, commercial, and public EV charging needs. Our AI scheduling system optimizes energy usage and prevents overloads, facilitating easy integration into existing buildings. DeltaGrid® EVM combines EV charging, solar energy, and energy storage into a single, comprehensive solution.
Features & Benefits

Smart Charging

Smart scheduling and live load management effectively spread out charging peaks, guaranteeing that all electric vehicles get powered exactly when required.

Energy Scheduling

By leveraging time-of-use tariffs and flexible rates, this system smoothly integrates with renewable energy sources such as solar energy and energy storage systems.

Charger Management

Easily monitor and manage your charging infrastructure using real-time data, guaranteeing efficiency in operations at all times.

Digital O&M Services

Digital operations and maintenance services enhance system reliability, making the management of charging stations more efficient.

Download Sections

For comprehensive details on the Delta EV Charging Management System, we invite you to download our informative documentation. Access everything you need to know in one convenient place.


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